Weekly Rewind: Kanye West ‘Jesus Is King’, Billie Eilish Defies Gravity, Wethan Cancels Tour & Insomniac Launch Hurricane Relief Effort

There’s been a lot going on lately, and we know sometimes it can be a little hard to keep up with all the biggest stories. So to save you a little time we have gathered a few of this week most interesting and important stories in one place. With the likes of Kanye West grabbing headlines for another delayed album release, Billie Eilish stunning fans with a gravity-defying skit on SNL and a heartwarming move from Insomniac and EDC Founder Pasquale Rotella to help out victims of a recent tragedy. Its been an eventful week on top of a huge wave of new music so here is this weeks rewind.

Billie Eilish Walks Upside Down In SNL Performance

Billie Eilish isn’t one to stick to a normal path, from her wild and colourful hairstyles to her creepy and captivating music videos, she’s one star who knows how to think outside the box. Over the weekend she appeared as the musical guest on the long-running stand-up skit show SNL, performing ‘I Love You’ and ‘Bad Guy’ alongside her brother/producer FINNEAS. When it came time to do her mega-hit she went into another dimension (or so it seemed). As the song plays she appears in a Simpsons like mini-room where she walked on the walls and jumps around on the roof in a cool concept.

Kanye West is (About To Be) Back with ‘Jesus Is King’

On Friday Kanye made a surprise announcement that he was going to be previewing his new album in Detroit, shortly after lucky fans in New York got the same opportunity to hear previews of the album up close and personal. It is said that the new album; ‘Jesus Is King’, is entirely gospel and marks the start of a new era in which his music will no longer be secular. He’s been loosely touring this experience under the name ‘Sunday Service’ which he refers to as Christian based gospel performances.

While many anticipated the album would drop shortly after the Sunday Service’s, according to Kim Kardashian-West, there are still some final changes being done to the mixes. We can’t imagine this being a fun week for the label who’s delivering this album! They usually have weeks if not months to prepare for big album drops, but Kanye does it his own way and historically has even changed albums post-release in the past.

Wethan Cancels Tour Dates Citing Mental Health

Wethan is currently in Australia for the touring festival Listen Out, but has announced he won’t be making it to the remaining dates in Sydney and Perth and will be flying back home to the US to get rest. While it’s unclear what led to the problem, flying halfway across the world for a touring festival can be incredibly draining and this may have been compounded by issues already brewing. It can be extremely difficult to make a decision like this for an artist, but thankfully fans are largely understanding and supportive of the decision.

EDC & Insomniac Events launch major effort for Bahama Hurricane relief

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella called out to fans and supporters of his many events to help out those in need after the damage of category 5 Hurricane Dorian which left many without homes or shelter. Back in 2011, Insomniac launched the Insomniac Cares initiative to raise money and resources for people in need, which falls perfectly in line with the tragedy occurring in the Bahamas. Also starting things off they have personally delivered almost 1,000 Camp EDC Shiftpod2 Advanced Shelter Systems along with their own logistics team to set up the Shiftpods and educate families how to maintain them. You can also help out this effort by donating to the Insomniac Cares Bahamas Relief which will help provide vital supplies such as water purification devices, bedding, toiletries, and other supplies.





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