Wenzday and Capozzi team-up with Lil Debbie to Unleash the Spicy Heater, ‘Bright Lights’

The future is female. Correction, the present is female as proven by a triumphant collaboration brought to us by Tchami’s Confession Records. “Bright Lights” sees a Femme Fatale trifecta of Wenzday, Capozzi, and Lil Debbie connect to unleash a boisterous tantalizer that oozes masterful class and the right amount of high-octane punch to engulf any dancefloor or any listener in caffeinated-like madness. The record shines a spotlight on the production work of Wenzday and Capozzi while it also features the full-array of attitude-backed vocals of the one and only Lil Debbie. The combination is absolutely stunning and proves that women do it just as well, if not, even better than the guys.

All three acts have built an arsenal of weaponized house tracks. Wenzday has steadily built an impressive repertoire of head rattlers like “Break (My Heart)” with LeKtriQue via Kannibalen and her 2019 EP “Heartbreak House” brought to us by Insomniac Records. Capozzi has a similar track record that is equally as rambunctious and impressive that includes her previous Confession releases, “SOS” and “Beat Back”, and several appearances on Insomniac Records. Lil Debbie has a longer track record, but also has built a similar persona of in your face bass-heavy house tunes like “Say My Name” with SAYMYNAME and “Boss Bitch” with Kim Lee.

Knowing the trio’s history and sound, it should come as no surprise that “Bright Lights” is filled with delightful ferocity. The song builds a devious atmosphere that intoxicates the sense with daring and intrigue. The production chops of Wenzday and Capozzi are on full display and shine a light on their masterful ability to build a sound design that brings the energy while also unlocking the right amount of emotion from listeners. Their work goes to the next level with Lil Debbie’s vocal demeanor, which contains the right amount of temperament and spice.

The triumvirate of Wenzday, Capozzi, and Lil Debbie proves that women can bring the heat just as well as any man can. Their combination unlocks pure ecstasy and brings a record that deserves to be played at full blast to a crowded dance floor. Soon that will happen and it’ll be glorious.

To stream “Bright Lights” continue down or follow the link here.

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