Medii Drops Full-Length Album, Closing Out Rich Season Of Music Releases

What If This Is All Real LP is more than a enticing full length album from duo Medii, it marks the end of a near-half of year endeavor to roll out a episodic-like experience filled with original ideas, unique visuals, and a large spectrum of sounds that will stand the test of time. Released on Paradise Music Group, EP’s Binary Blue and Replica Red are brought into the fold with this album. Songs featured on those EP’s are now featured here, Medii showcasing 14 tracks in total – many off which feature collaborations tied to their signature sound.

The track strikes a balance of the songs not running together in terms of similarity, but boasting common cues that do make it all feel like it’s one part of a bigger experience. Upbeat and energizing at some moments, heavily somber and emotional at others, there’s a bit of everything across the board, but all of it well thought out and bursting at the seams with texture.

5 new tracks are revealed on the album, singles like “Dying Day,” and “Love Yourself,” going beyond the expectations one may have had set for it.

Ari Kyle and Adam Lilley have been around the block when it comes it industry support. To date, they have over 30 million streams, have released on labels like Lowly, Wave Music, Enter Records, Frequency Music, plus many others. On top of this, they’ve even gained the support of names like Armin Van Burren and Don Diablo.

Here the full album below.




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