What So Not To Play House Partys Across Australia During Laneway


Over the past few years Sydney’s backwards lock out laws have led to many of the city’s most famous nightclub hotspots shutting their doors, one of the recent victims last December was the iconic World Bar which was been a launching pad for some of the greatest talents.

So in response, What So Not - who frequented the Sydney venue regularly for surprise sets to test his new music decided to put the word out to his fans and find some local house parties to rinse some fresh new music. The video which can be seen below captures the Skrillex collaborator hitting 7 house parties in his home city. Among the madness he even attempts to DJ on an old pair of CDJ 400’s and a couple of iPhones, the concept took off with hundreds of invited flooding in.

Now he’s announced during his Laneway tour, he’s going to take the concept on the road around the country for an unofficial after party series at each stop. With any possibility open, if you think you can throw a house party worthy of What So Not gracing your decks for you and all your friends head over to Facebook here and drop your proposal.

7 House Parties, 1 Night (The Perfect Storm)

CALLING ALL GOOD TIME ENTHUSIASTS Last month (Disgruntled by lockouts & venue closes) I went around My home town & played 7 house parties in one night. Now, as promised we are now taking things interstate I'm looking to crash a birthday, house party, rooftop, backyard shed (show me what you got Aus) as a very unofficial laneway after party on each stop of the tour. Simply comment the resume for your party below inc. city, suburb, equipment specs, hype (and have your mates like the post so I know you’re legit).

Posted by What So Not on Wednesday, January 30, 2019