Where It Started: Biicla

Your passion and love for music can start at any age. That’s something that hangs in curiosity for many fans. What did this person listen to when they were younger? Who influenced them?

The ‘Where It Started’ series is a platform for artists of all kinds to speak on the anthems that raised them to be who they are now.

Meet Biicla: A producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter. Biicla has been making inroads in the US with his distinctive and incredibly catchy worldwide style of future bass combined with inspirations from house music while dividing his time between Los Angeles and his homeland of Moscow. Expressing and exploring various boundaries in music, the global DJ has been developing his artistic presence in the dance music scene. Announcing his arrival with his debut LP, “No Place” in 2020, Biicla’s genre-blending ability has received critical praise from industry taste maskers such as Billboard, EDM.com, Dancing Astronaut, BBC Radio, and more. Having left a bold and positive mark on the dance music community, the promising young DJ faces great optimism as he continues to fuel momentum in his career. 

Now as he yearns to add to his legacy, Biicla returns with his sophomore album “Yes Place.” To pinpoint the significance of the many styles and sounds heard throughout this collection of tracks, we caught up with the international producer to find out exactly ‘Where It Started.’ 





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