Where It Started: Last Heroes

Celebrating their brand new 8 track ‘Finding Light’ EP, Garrett and Brian aka Last Heroes join us on our Where It Started feature to explore their musical beginnings.

The talented duo take us through their musical roots, specifically the music that inspired them and kick started their mellifluous careers. The pair have released some incredible music over the past few years, often teaming up with a talented vocalist to have their technical and goosebump inducing instrumentals shine.

The duo have featured heavily through NCS and Seven Lion’s Ophelia imprint. They’ve remixed the likes of Seven Lions, Above & Beyond and ILLENIUM.

“Growing up we listened to rock, indie and metal music, and that sparked a lot of love for music in general. Bands like Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon were some of our favorites, and have influenced our music since the beginning.”

“During our teen years we became very interested by early 2010’s electronic music. We both listened to lots of Seven Lions and Skrillex and found a passion for production and electronic music through that, with Seven Lions probably being our biggest inspiration for a long time.”

‘”Days to Come’ is an especially notable song for us. It was one of the first Seven Lions songs we heard, and it really sparked our love for melodic bass music and electronic music as a whole. It still carries a lot of weight for us to this day.”

Explore Last Heroes’ full Where It Started picks below and be sure to Stream or Download their EP.




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