Where It Started: Mefjus

Your passion and love for music can start at any age. That’s something that hangs in curiosity for many fans. What did this person listen to when they were younger? Who influenced them?

The ‘Where It Started’ series is a platform for artists of all kinds to speak on the anthems that raised them to be who they are now.

Meet Mefjus: Based out of Linz, north Austria, Martin Schober is a singular protagonist at the forefront of this beguiling game we call drum & bass. He likes hip-hop, skateboarding, schnitzel, Leibniz biscuits and long walks in the sunset, but he’s most respected for how he traipses across electronic music’s wildest terrains with total boundary abandonment… And is regarded as a leading influential new-gen figure in the genre.

Where It Started: Mefjus

There are so many great artists that I look up to and there are so many creative people out there who constantly keep pushing the limits in so many ways, so there is more than enough great art to be inspired by.

To single out a sole track, artist or even genre that inspired me or influenced my style of music production really is a tough one…kinda impossible.

“Thinking back to what or who first brought me to music and what sparked the desire to start producing myself, I think for me it was like for most people, the greatest influence always comes from people who are close to you and who you look up to.”

“In my case, that person would be my brother who is four years older than me, and you know, what the big brother does is cool, and you have to check that out for yourself. My brother fell for Hip Hop when he was 15, maybe 16 years old, for the first time in the late ’90s, early 2000`s. For us, it kind of started with German Rap and Hip Hop. My brother discovered “Beginner” (a German Hip Hop group) who released their 2nd studio album “Bambule” that time around.”

“We were instantly hooked on these Hip Hop beats and from there we started exploring and became aware of the very vivid Rap & Hip Hop scene in North America. I think Gang Starr’s “Moment of Truth” was released in 1998, from there we started digging deeper, we went back through the 90’s discovering more and more artists and tunes.” 

“During this time, I think I was around 12, 13 years old, I practically only dealt with 90’s Hip Hop and that actually went on until the end of my teenage years.  And that was still the case when I first started making beats myself.”

“My transition to drum and bass was also triggered by my brother, who took me to my first rave when I was 16 or 17. I was instantly hooked by the tempo, groove and sophisticated sound design of it. Having had some experience making hip-hop beats I then tried myself at 172bpm.”

“Long story short, my musical progression started off with my passion for 90’s Hip Hop. That’s the musical foundation I started to build on, and I still enjoy playing around with Hip Hop beats in the studio. In fact, my good friend MC Maksim, who performs with me on pretty much all shows, and I started a hip-hop side project and we are aiming to release our debut album this year. More info on that soon!”

– Mefjus




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