Where It Started: Shingo Nakamura

Five years. That’s how long it took for Shingo Nakamura to create Glow his newest album via Monstercat Silk. For many, the progressive maestro that hails from Japan will be most known for his appearances on Anjunadeep, his previous efforts on Silk prior to Monstercat’s acquisition, and — of course — his YouTube Series “Best of Shingo Nakamura”. With these defining moments, he has built a steady career and has become a tastemaker for soaring soundscapes and enchanting melodies.

With the release of Glow, Shingo Nakamura sets his sights on establishing himself amongst the global ranks of progressive acts like Yotto, Lane 8, and Above and Beyond. One listen to the album will prove that he has what it takes to lead the next generation of progressive tantalizers and share the stage with the aforementioned acts. Simply, there is something special that envelopes listeners with each Shingo track and Glow is arguably the greatest representation of that thus far.

After listening to Glow, we knew we had to learn more about the man behind the album and one of the most exciting names in the transporative sound of dance music. Here is our exclusive interview with Shingo Nakamura and where it started for him.


When I was in junior high school, I used to listen to popular music that I learned from TV programs and rental CD stores. Among that, I obsessed with Japanese hip-hop. At that time, the song’s emotional sound was very impressive for me. I think it was my first encounter with club music.


At the time, I was listening to various Japanese hip-hop songs. The tracks of RIP SLYME’s songs were especially cool. This is where I started to get interested in DJing and producing.

Hawaiian6 – MAGIC

In addition to Japanese hip-hop, I often listened to music from the genre known as “Melodic Hardcore”. I like the emotional melodies and chord progressions of this genre, and I often listen to the songs as a reference for creating melodies.

Onoken – felys

I think the original version of this song was released in the early 2000s. A senior in my high school had shared his own song on the internet, so I became interested in other songs like it, and discovered this one. I was fascinated by the beautiful sound. At the same time, I heard about the composing software from my friend, so I wanted to try to create my own music.

Onoken – vijore

I came across this song at the same time as “felys”. It’s a trance tune with strings and an emotional melody. I tend to use the piano for melodies, which is strongly influenced by the Japanese artists I listened to around this time.

BT – Flaming June

If I was asked what song has influenced me the most, I would definitely mention this song. I remember coming across it in a CD store when I was in high school or college. I learned so much from this song – the meticulousness of the track, the beauty of the melody, and a composition that excites the audience.

Boom Jinx feat. Thomas J. Bergersen – Remember September

The artist I met in high school was going to perform at an event, which was the official Anjunadeep party in Japan. It was then that I first learned about Anjunadeep and James Grant (A&R). I had a strong longing to be a DJ, and the label became my dream. Since then, I have been listening to Anjuna’s music with a passion, and this song in particular is one of my influences because of its beauty. It’s reminiscent of “Flaming June”.

Arthur Deep – Friends (Mango Remix)

This song was released in 2008. I got in touch with Silk Digital (now Monstercat Silk) which had just started a label. It was one of their releases at the time and I had a strong admiration for this song and the style of Mango. My first album ‘Sapporo’ was greatly influenced by his music.

RÜFÜS DU SOL – Like An Animal (Yotto Remix)

After the release of my first album ‘Sapporo’, I tried to pursue my originality and avoid the influence of other artists as much as possible. My second album, “Days,” was completed during that period. However, the rise of Yotto was shocking (as it was for other artists and listeners as well, I think). His simple yet powerful style felt very fresh.

about : river – Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch)

This is the most recent song that has influenced me. It is a very fantastic song with a sense of beauty and melancholy. It jumps out from all the other songs that have elements of organic house, which is a recent trend. I listen to it on repeat over and over again to study it.

Check out Shingo Nakamura’s Glow out now via Monstercat Silk by following the link here or scrolling down.