Whethan Drops Talent Filled Debut Album ‘Fantasy’

Whethan has today released his 14 track debut album Fantasy. The project is three years in the making and features some incredible talent besides Whethan such as Oliver Tree, The Knocks, RL Grime, K. Flay and more.

The album features the multiple singles Whethan has released so far this year as well as seven brand new productions. The vibrant album includes a range of different sounds and vocal types, all of which are quality. The album packs energetic sounds, chiller stuff and more hectic trap weapons, there will be something in the album for everyone, on the off chance you don’t love it all.

“Fantasy is getting on a spaceship and teleporting anywhere your dreams can imagine,” Whethan shared. “I wanted to make a project that was full of energy and artists that I’m inspired by. There was an underlying theme of alternative meets psychedelic dance music and I wanted to be able to blast every song at my shows or have it feel like you’re at a show when listening at home or in the car. I got to work with some of my favorite artists like RL Grime, Grouplove, The Wombats, bülow, and many more. I grew a lot while working on the album over the span of the last 3 years and you can hear it through the different styles and feelings on each track.”

The genre-bending album was heralded last month with the acclaimed single, ‘Freefall’ with frequent collaborator Oliver Tree. The propulsive track marks the latest and perhaps greatest collaboration between the Chicago-based electronic artist and the one and only Oliver Tree, following five co-written/co-produced tracks featured on the iconoclastic Tree’s chart-topping debut album, Ugly is Beautiful.

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