Will Sparks Goes Dark & Dirty With ‘Disco Dancing’

Will Sparks, the prodigal son of Melbourne’s underground dance music scene has come to earn widespread praise and an impressive reputation for his work in the music industry as DJ and Producer alike. Widely known for his Platinum singles ‘Ah Yeah’ and ‘Bring it Back’ Will is returning again with ‘Disco Dancing’ featuring a familiar sample from T-Rek’s 2011 ‘Freakshow Disco’!

‘Disco Dancing’ is the next step in Will’s musical evolution, moving into a more dark sound that works perfectly in his energetic sets. The minimalist sound is both unique and fresh, creating a vibrant groove. This is yet another impressive record from the Melbournian talent.

He has been playing it throughout his sets for well over a year now and fans have been anticipating it since its first play! Now it’s here and it doesn’t arrive quietly.




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