Will Sparks Joins Forces With Teamwrk Records For New Label Venture ‘CLUBWRK’

After several years with Bourne Recordings, Will Sparks has decided to start fresh in collaboration with Melbourne outfit Teamwrk Records. Already a well establish imprint, teaming up with Teamwrk will see both parties combining their efforts to result in the ultimate club orientated label. With potential off shoots such as CLUBWRK DEEP and CLUBWRK HARD, the future is looking promising for the new venture.

Will explained the move in a statement that reads: “All good things must come to an end, I’d like to thank everyone that has been involved in Bourne Recordings the past few years however I’ve made the hard decision to end my time working with the company and cease future releases on the label. Moving forward I have joined the growing Teamwrk Records family in helping create the sub label ‘CLUBWRK’ which I will personally A&R and help foster new talent. I am looking forward to starting fresh and helping as many artists as I can!”

Bourne Recordings released many incredible tracks from Will and several peers, which is sure to continue through CLUBWRK. With reportedly a CLUBWRK radio show on the cards also, you’ll be seeing CLUBWRK everywhere from here on out.

The first release on the label will come from Sparks himself, as he releases his highly anticipated techno inspired track and re-work of the classic; ‘Kids These Days’. Listen to a preview of the track that he played in his DJ Mag set on top of Melbourne. The track releases this Friday, 7th August. Pre-save the track here.





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