Will Sparks Teams Up With Maddix For 'Mangalam'


Will Sparks and Maddix deliver a hard-hitting fusion of bounce and psytrance on their new collaboration ‘Mangalam’ for Carnage's Heavyweight Records. Having just released ‘Tombstone’ with SCNDL and ‘Flakka Flakka’ with Luciana and Dave Audé, Will Sparks is back with another heavy one! With Maddix’s discography including collaborations with Hardwell, this collaboration was sure to be a great production, and a major worldwide success.

This collaboration has been in the works for over a year, being played out for the past 9 months. With a few tweaks from Maddix it was finally ready for release. Will Sparks’ close ties with Carnage made releasing it on Heavyweight Records a no brainer.