Will Sparks Marches On With ‘My Company’ via Musical Freedom

Modern house artist and double-platinum EDM producer Will Sparks releases a new single ‘My Company’ via Musical Freedom. Known for pioneering the genre, “Melbourne Bounce,” Sparks has shaped the electronic dance music scene with his innovative approach to producing modern dance tracks.

This four-minute track pays homage to his signature sound, with mass amounts of heavy bass and deep male vocals. The artist stated in a recent interview, “I’m dedicating this one to my roots. This is what Melbourne music is all about.” Sparks has made it clear, that he is putting in work behind the scenes, in hopes of returning to touring and advancing in the EDM dance scene.

With a well-deserved 600million+ streams and a strong fan base, this single has great chart potential in the streaming world. Listen now on all platforms, as we patiently await more highly-anticipated upcoming projects.  

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