WMW Conference Highlights: EDM Publications In Asia

There is, without doubt, an under-representation of EDM blogs in South East Asia. The question is: why? Perhaps, because investors and the regional market still view dance music as frivolous or a fad … despite the fact that is has been around for nearly 30 years now. Perhaps its due to Asia looking towards Europe and America for what’s trending, which has always been the case. 

Despite all this, there are still a few special publications truly leading the way when it comes to representing the South East Asian dance music scene.  On day 1 of the Wired Music Week conference, we were joined by several of these platforms, in an open panel to discuss “Why is Asia still lacking credible EDM publications?”

For the most part, the success of these publications is due to them putting great local talent first. The problem, after all, is not finding the talent but providing them with an outlet that fosters a sense of community. Here’s our list of the publications who at this current point in time are really rising above to deliver great coverage on the SEA dance scene:

Bandwagon Asia

Bandwagon.asia has dominated the electronic scene in recent years. They publish separate publications for The Philipines, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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The CityList KL

The City List offers in-depth coverage of the nightlife in and around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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The Star

The Star is a Malaysian publication that offers a wide variety of news regarding, business, sports, and entertainment.

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Dance Signal

Dance Signal publishes a variety of dance music related news and articles.

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Loop Central

Loop Central is a blog that posts articles on a variety of electronic-music related subjects.

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