WMW Conference Highlights: Michelle Leong

We live in a time of mass information exchange, with endless opportunities to stay at home and binge on platforms like Netflix.  With services like Uber Eats ready to deliver food straight to our doorstep, we as artists and promoters need to ask: what makes your event worth visiting?

On the first day of Wired Music Week, guest speaker Michelle Leong from Peatix helped us to answer this question. The answer is itself multifaceted, so here is our take away from Michelle’s talk:

Firstly, we need to think less about just putting on an event and more about crafting an experience. We can work towards this by asking ourselves several questions:

  1. Are you charging a reasonable price? Furthermore, is it easy to purchase tickets?

  2. After a customer buys a ticket, what are you doing? How are you creating ongoing hype for the event before it begins?

  3. Is the event being held in a convenient location?  Is the environment pleasant?

  4. What are your plans for food and drink? (very important!)

  5. How good is your sound system?

Another thing that is often overlooked by event organizers is that the attendee’s experience actually begins before the event even starts. Do you have a plan to generate hype through purposeful content and planning in the lead-up to the event?

During the event, attendee’s don’t want to just sit and watch; they want to get involved. How are you implementing audience participation in your event?

By the same token, the audience experience should continue after the event is over. Some strategies to consider to help stretch the experience beyond the event may include things like:

  • Creating a playlist of tracks featured in the event to evoke memories

  • Photos recapping the event

  • Video snippets of the event in action

Creating a unique and engaging experience is now the game. Do this and your event will immediately stand out.

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