Worlds Apart Drops Riveting Melodic Anthem ‘Take Me Away’

Merging the innovative minds of three talented individuals, Worlds Apart boasts a creative vision that strives to push the perceived boundaries of the music industry. Ashley is the mastermind behind the visual art and videography in the group. Her beautiful aesthetics bring the trio’s music to life. Jason leads in sound design, mastering, and general poduction while Lorenzo is Worlds Apart’s main DJ.

With captivating original works, Worlds Apart has been signed to a variety of prominent labels, such as Glitch Records, High Five Music, and Blanco y Negro Music. The collective puts their heart and soul into every project, as seen in their most recent single “Take Me Away”.

Carried by the jaw-dropping vocals of gifted singer Scarlett, “Take Me Away” is a melodic tale of heartbreak and tragedy. Inspired by the passing of Jason’s mother and the Ukraine conflict, the song is made for people who have lost a loved one or had to overcome difficult hurdles in their lives. The title “Take Me Away” reflects that there are moments when we simply want to be taken away from our problems.

Through its intricate synths, riveting electric guitar, and soothing piano, “Take Me Away” is a prime vessel to express one’s emotions. Its compelling melodic dubstep drop signals listeners to stay strong during trying times.




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