W&W’s Last 2020 Release ‘Gold’ Hits Rave Culture

Globally acclaimed Dutch duo W&W are back with another shiny new release. As one of the most sought-after duos in the world of electronic dance music, W&W have elevated the dance music scene to new horizons with their label, Rave Culture.

On December 18th, 2020, the duo officially releases ‘Gold’ into the universe on their Rave Culture label. With a fusion of catchy vocal cuts, lulling melodies, and an explosive kick-bass combo, fans who have been long awaiting this release will not be let down. W&W say about the song, “‘Gold’ is a track that we have been working on for quite some time and we couldn’t be any more proud of the result. Great to end 2020 with this one!

The music video for ‘Gold’ has been hotly anticipated not only because of the dance music treasure this single is, but also, because it will be teasing various special, upcoming Rave Culture developments.

Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
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