Wyatt Marshall makes long-awaited Dirtybird Debut with ‘Another Redundant Question’

We have finally come to the end of the most tumultuous year in decades. But before we can disappear and enjoy the Holiday season, we must turn our attention to a sizzling new two-track EP from Wyatt Marshall. The underground act has been a mainstay in the West Coast house and tech-house scene that has been a major influence in dance music, especially as house has taken ahold in the commercial reaches. Wyatt Marshall makes his long-awaited Dirtybird debut in style and brings a thumping expedition with glorious titillations on “Another Redundant Question”.

For those tuned into the scene, Wyatt Marshall’s name is one that you will recognize. Over the last few years, he has steadily built buzz and recognition through the triumphant West Coast wave of psychedelic house sounds that includes appearances on Desert Hearts, Gruuv, Deeperfect, Lubelski’s Percomaniacs, and Cuatero’s Sanity. He has also collaborated with the Dirtybird don Claude VonStorke, and underground maestros Lubelski and Chambray. Besides releasing absolute banging tunes, he’s been hard at work curating and influencing Dirtybird as the label manager, a weekly twitch guest with “Marshall Arts”, and Birdhouse Radio host. Through these roles, Wyatt Marshall has brought forward some of the most cutting-edge records of the year like Chambray’s “Where You At?” and Rebūke’s “Jump Ship”.

As 2020 closes, Wyatt Marshall finally debuts on Dirtybird with his newest EP. The titular track rumbles with devious delight. Focused around a crunchy beat and booming low-ends build a charmingly hypnotic atmosphere. He fills the space around with subtle sounds like a sharp wriggling synth that has laser-like qualities and a whirling rush of what could be a distorted rattle. Then he brings in vocal samples, one that calls out “who am I?” and another robotic-like vocal sample that oscillates between what sounds like “oo’s” and “ah’s” through a prism of distortion. He takes the record further with additional layers of sultry synth lines that ring out with striking qualities. These elements form a brilliant record that slaps with head-bobbing appeal.

The second record of the EP is “Da Ding”, which follows a similar style of sonic topography. Once again, the song is focused on the thick beat and rumble of the low-ends. Wyatt Marshall utilizes several vocal samples that he layers to create an energetic rush at certain points. Around these core elements, there is a multitude of sounds that stir the senses and build intrigue with penetrative qualities that sink into the brainstem of those that listen. “Da Ding” is definitely a wild ride with whimsy and good-natured vibes that is easy to let loose and groove to.

On Another Redundant Question, Wyatt Marshall provided us with this insight:

“I am ecstatic to be making my EP debut on Dirtybird with Another Redundant Question. After releasing compilation tracks, remixes and even a collaboration with Claude Vonstroke, this is something I have been working to achieve for quite some time. Another Redundant Question is a moodier EP that combines creepy chord lines, tripped out vocals and useless questions in order to make two completely different dancefloor tracks. The A side ‘Another Redundant Question’ is heavily inspired by early Mothership records and was my attempt in blending the unique sound of that label with a bigger and modern mix down. The B side ‘Da Ding’ is a minimal tech groove full of plucks and dark stretching tones that are guaranteed to keep the energy moving in any set. Majority of the synth work on the EP was done with Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6, one of my favorite analog synths for lush chords, warm basses and wonky plucks.”

Wyatt Marshall brings forward a brilliant two-piece EP that highlights his abilities to weave together masterful sound design and productions that radiate captivation. It’s a perfect way to end the year and should be included in any New Year’s Eve playlists. On the back of “Another Redundant Question”, Wyatt Marshall is definitely an act to keep an eye on in 2021.

To stream Another Redundant Question, continue down or follow the link here.




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