Xandor Showcases A Softer Side With Rapta In ‘Who’s In Your Heart’

Future vibes and house influences couldn’t sound any better thanks to the likes of rising electronic talent known as Xandor. He’s currently based in the USA, has a nice collection of songs that are within his catalog, and has clear sense of sonic direction which can be felt through the music he makes. “Who’s In Your Heart,” is one of many highlights this guy is showcasing in 2022. The single boasts thick basslines that rattle the senses alongside moving toplines, the mix featured together delivers an emotional aspect that pulls on the heart strings. Xandor makes the music-making process look smooth and seamless, but, no doubt, cultivating such an easy-going flow is no easy task. All in all, Xandor is scoring high marks through the release of “Who’s In Your Heart.”

From playing saxophone to professional music training, and just an all-around passion for the musical elements that this life beholds, Xandor is one artist that is simply meant to be doing this. He’s done performances in Boston, where he currently resides, and has been dropping music since 2020, making good use of the free time that the pandemic gave us.

“As an artist, I tried to get out of my comfort zone and work with a rapper and not just any rapper. Once I heard Rapta’s verse I was immediately blown away!”
– Xandor

Expect to see more from this guy as we head into 2023, all signs are pointing to Xandor just getting warmed up.




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