XAVAGE Brings Groove Back to Trap Music with ‘Stay Xavage 2’ EP

Calling all bassheads and trap connoisseurs! Budding trap icon XAVAGE now returns with his standout EP, Stay Xavage 2. Finding a home once more on Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s legendary Circus Records imprint, XAVAGE stuns once more with four genre-bending bangers on an EP that could be considered trap music’s saving grace. Holstering an impenetrable heap of smoldering basslines and seductive soundscapes, Stay Xavage 2 makes for an incredible sequel to the LA-based artist’s debut EP, Stay Xavage. While Circus is renowned for its more bass-heavy endeavors, XAVAGE is proud to call the label home to his bouncy trap heaters once more.

Out now, Stay Xavage 2 is true to its name with powerful 808s, ambient soundscapes, and a smorgasbord of savagery to match. Get “Hot” with XAVAGE’s incendiary collaboration with The Oshi which features a blistering bassline, pounding percussion, and The Oshi’s swagger-filled lyricism.

Or, “Get Down” with the lead single on Stay Xavage 2, where XAVAGE puts his bouncy trap flair on full display. Complete with deft sound layering and raucous energy, “Get Down” will beckon listeners to the dance floor with every pummeling wash of sound. Meanwhile, “Rattle” and “Knockin” fuse elements of trap with freeform bass with both tracks delivering a relentless pounding of digitized warbles and gargantuan bass waves.




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