XP Music Futures Announces Return to Riyadh with 2023 Conference Dates

XP Music Futures, the leading conference dedicated to showcasing and boosting the music and creative scene in the Middle East and North Africa, has revealed the official dates for this year’s highly anticipated event. Set to take place from December 7 to 9 in Riyadh, XP Music Futures aims to not only celebrate the region’s thriving nightlife industry, which is currently the fastest growing in the world, but also to foster a dynamic environment of collaboration and creativity for artists and professionals across the region. Recognized as the most visionary gathering of music leaders in the area, XP Music Futures strives to inspire and empower the next generation of music professionals throughout the wider MENA region, while facilitating connections with the global music community.

In its latest edition, XP Music Futures is introducing fresh formats to engage and enrich attendees. These include Arabic sessions, workshops, and mixers designed to bring together both international and regional talents. The conference will also feature networking forums and demo labs, where participants can explore the latest advancements in music technology. The program will be structured around four key pillars: talent, scene, impact, and innovation. The talent pillar will delve into topics such as building a successful music career, talent management, music production, and copyright societies. The scene pillar will focus on nightlife, cultural tourism, music policies, music and media, and event management, highlighting the vital role of policymaking within the music industry. The impact pillar will facilitate discussions on sustainability, well-being, equality, social equity, data collection, and analytics. Finally, the innovation pillar will encompass workshops, discussions, and activations centered around immersive technology, digital production, Web3, and artificial intelligence. By consistently developing and enhancing these four pillars year after year, XP Music Futures aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive platform to gain valuable insights, network with industry peers, and foster fruitful collaborations.

Furthermore, in 2023, XP is strengthening its commitment to mentoring and community building with the introduction of a groundbreaking initiative called HUNNA. Comprised of two integral components, the HUNNA initiative serves as both a platform and a safe space for women in the music industry to receive essential mentorship, nurture their skills, and advance their careers. Moreover, HUNNA aims to collectively challenge and disrupt outdated and inequitable systems within the broader music industry.

XP Music Futures 2023 promises to be an exceptional event that combines cutting-edge insights, networking opportunities, and collaborative experiences, all aimed at propelling the music industry forward and championing diversity and inclusion.

The upcoming event will soon announce its lineup of speakers. Excitingly, this year’s conference will be open to aspiring professionals and enthusiasts of all ages for the first time ever. In addition to offering workshops and activities for children and families, the conference is committed to expanding opportunities for music industry professionals from diverse backgrounds. By inspiring future generations and working towards equitable industry policies, XP Music Futures 2023 aims to foster growth within the MENA region. This event promises to be a transformative experience, bringing together brilliant minds and talented individuals from the music, tech, and business sectors. Don’t miss the chance to join XP as they unveil the unseen and actively shape the future of the global music industry. Mark your calendars for December 7 to 9.




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