Yellow Claw Drops Intense, Bass Driven ‘The Holy Bassgod’ EP With Label Barong Family

Titans of technicality and branding, Yellow Claw knows how to bring an A-list party to an international festival audience. From DJ Khaled calamities at EDC LV, to being renowned for collaborations with a wide variety of featured artists, the duo are easily considered established worldwide and very much known for their trap-oriented smash hits. The Holy Bassgod EP releases on Barong Family, a notable label in itself and a natural fit given the striking-intensity and seemingly, “Russian Hardbass,” inspiration much of the percussion and overall theme embraces.

Yet, one would be surprised to find just how much expression and creativity can be pulled from this commonality shown through the 4-tracks: “Bassgod,””Can’t Get Enough,” “Lasergun,” and “Kawaii 808.” Fascinating surprises are channeled through fluid arrangement/song structure, giving listeners a taste of what the EP is about in no time flat. Not for the faint of heart and with plenty of bass and build-ups packed in at a near-unpredictable pace, The Holy Bassgod EP slaps with a vengeance.

Check out the Yellow Claw EP in full below.




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