Yotto Mystifies with “Is This Trance?”

Nothing sets the mood quite like Yotto. He stirs the senses with a touch of poignancy, a bite of optimism, and a whip of marvel. Yotto is the supreme purveyor of divine electronic voyages. His newest affair sends listeners sailing through a hailstorm of lush synths and prickly percussion. The divine voyage is back and it’s called “Is This Trance?”.

Yotto fabricates a wondrous production with sounds that oscillate from high to low and move with a tingling sensation. It’s as if he were a mad scientist. Two parts synth. 5 dashes of bass. And a sprinkling of distorted saws. The concoction forms a perfect sound design that reverberates through the body with airy waves. Yotto’s “science” intoxicates once more.

“Is This Trance?” is the third release on Yotto’s fresh-minted imprint Odd One Out. The first being “Nova” and “Shifter”, which saw the Finnish artist foray into boisterous, tech-centric productions. His new single combines typical Yotto stylings while possessing progressive trance melodies that ultimately leads listeners to wonder “Is This Trance?”.

Stream “Is This Trance?” here. And be sure to catch Yotto live as he brings his astounding sounds to North America on the Odd One Out Tour. Cities, dates, and tickets can be found here.




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