Yotto Returns to Anjunadeep With ‘Another Riff For The Good Times/Daydreaming’ EP

Yotto returns to Anjunadeep, being the first release through the output since the launch of his label last year.

The double track EP brings a more familiar sound, a sound that is more defined to Anjunadeep than Yotto’s own Odd One Out imprint.

With mesmerizing melodies heard throughout the two tracks, Yotto takes us back to what made him into the star he is today. Anjunadeep and Yotto has always been made for each other and that’s further showcases with this excellent release.

Fans will be ecstatic about this release, not only is Yotto back on Anjunadeep, he has finally released ‘Daydreaming’ a track that saw its first play back in 2017.




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