YouTube Launch 3 New Playlist Mixes To Help You Find New Music

YouTube Music has this week launched 3 new playlists to challenge the domination of Spotify and Apple Music. The three newly minted personalized playlists, include Discover Mix its version of Spotify’s curated Discover Weekly, as well as a New Music Mix and Your Mix. All three are available globally to YouTube Music users.

The plans to roll-out these new playlists were revealed earlier this year at San Francisco’s TechCrunch Disrupt by YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan who spoke about the service’s plans to take advantage of of machine learning and human curation to add value to the music service’s offerings.

Much like Spotify’s Discover Weekly, Discover Mix is focused on helping its user-base to uncover more new artists and music they’ll be interested in, each users list will consist of tracks from artists you’ve never listened to as well as lesser-known tracks from artists the platform already knows you are into. But where it holds advantage over it’s competitor music services, the playlist will leverage historical listening data of users on both YouTube Music and on the widely used YouTube platform itself. The mix will refresh every Wednesday and serve listeners 50 new tracks.

The New Release Mix, as it sounds focuses on all the latest releases by artists you have already shown interest in and serving up a collection that YouTube identifies you’ll be into. As most new releases drop on Fridays this one will deliver it’s update just in time for the weekend, but unlike competitors it will add other tracks mid-week, so you might be able to catch those mid-week releases you otherwise wouldn’t hear about till Friday.

Lastly, is the Your Mix playlist which is aimed at combining the music you are already hitting on repeat along with songs you haven’t heard yet but will likely enjoy, based on your past listening habits. This one updates regularly to stay current and keep you listening.

Of course, the longer you listen on YouTube Music, the better the more accurate the mixes will be. But for new users, YouTube says it can offer personalized mixes as soon as a user chooses just a couple of artists they like during the setup process or after they start listening to only a handful of songs.

The introduction of the new mixes come as Google is more heavily investing in its streaming music service. Earlier this year, the alphabet owned company which also produces the Android operating system made YouTube Music the default music app that ships with new Android run devices, instead of its now defunct Google Play Music which closed.

And according to recent reports it’s investment is paying off, as statistics indicate that YouTube Music is ahead of Spotify and JioSaavn in the growing market of India, where Spotify has made big inroads despite its late entry.

The new mixes are available now on YouTube Music across iOS, Android and the web platform.





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