Yung Raf Hand Picked By Jason Derulo To Sing On ‘Mamacita’

Rafael Collado, better known by his stage name Yung Raf, was recently a part of his first number one chart topping record.

Jason Derulo handpicked Yung Raf to be a supporting vocalist on his single “Mamacita” which quickly ended up at the top of the charts after its release.

This hit was co written by multiple Grammy winning artist, Songwriter and Producer: Lil Eddie. Lil Eddie has acted as a mentor to Raf for the past few years and even secured him this opportunity to work face-to-face with Derulo.

When we asked Raf how it felt to have his vocals featured on a number one record he said: “It was just an overwhelming sense of gratitude. To turn on the radio and hear my vocals and know I had a small piece of the history that was created, gave me the confidence and drive to continue pushing in this industry.

Although Yung Raf works with artists such as Jason Derulo, Steff London and many more, his true focus is on his own artist project. His debut EP, dropping on Broken Hearts Club, already has major labels, producers and managers chomping at the bit. Raf has been offered several major record deals in the last few months and is weighing his options on how to take this next, giant step in a poised and strategic manner.

We can confidently say that we are fans of Yung Raf. Personally, I hope to hear him collab with Post Malone, it would be such a fitting match. We feel it would be a blending of tones that could be mind blowing.




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