Zafrir and STVNS Team Up With Norah B To Deliver Stunning Tune “I Don’t Care”

Alok’s imprint Controversia Records had a dreamy first year of existence. Achieving over 200 million plays on Spotify, the new label housed under Spinnin’ Records and Warner is certainly one of the most exciting new players in the industry right now. Making up the label’s latest release, rising star Zafrir, Swiss talent STVNS, and vocalist Norah B are joining forces on “I Don’t Care,” an infectious dance tune that is already gathering a lot of attention for the label and the artists. 

Having already amassed over 500 thousand plays in 3 weeks, “I Don’t Care” is a stunning slap house tune. Driven by sultry vocals, creative sound design, and flawless melodic basslines, the song offers an infectious sonic journey that is not to be missed. The buzz around the track is surreal, and rightfully so, with Spotify adding it to over 8 editorial playlists on release date and fans all over the world flooding Spinnin’ Record’s official upload with positive feedback.

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