Zedd Plays Unreleased ‘Are You Happy Now?’ Live With Elley Duhé

Zedd recently held the biggest show of his life; Zedd in the Park in Los Angeles. Zedd in the Park included all your favourite Zedd hits as well as other unreleased material. Along with the unreleased music, there were other surprises in store for Zedd in the Park including an appearance from The Chainsmokers.

One of the stand out moments was when Elley Duhé was brought on stage to premier their unreleased single; ‘Are You Happy Now?’. It features very catchy vocals from Elley Duhé as well as a pop influenced instrumental from Zedd. With the success Zedd has received from his more mainstream orientated music, it’s not surprising that he has stepped away from club tracks. Release date has been confirmed as the 18th of July. 

You can listen to the full track being played below at Zedd in the Park. 




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