Zeds Dead And DROELOE Release Future Bass Bop, ‘Stars Tonight’

It’s always hard (and many times unjust) to classify songs under particular genres, which is why the umbrella term ‘melodic bass’ exists. One such example of why is the new Zeds Dead and DROELOE collaboration, as two artists from wildly different sides of the melodic bass spectrum join forces for Stars Tonight. A fantastic amalgamation of their styles, Stars Tonight will show you how brilliant sound design and a minimalist mixdown can make for a cohesive, wonderful track.

DROELOE have dominated the future bass genre through their innovative basses and leads, as displayed clearly in their tune, Facing The Sea. This sound forms the basis of this collaboration. Meanwhile, Zeds Dead have explored the heavier styles of bass music which you can hear in the fast paced rhythms and vocals in Stars Tonight. Put two and two together, and here’s the result! Listen to the tune below:





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