ZHU Goes Deep & Dark With New Single ‘Risky Business’

ZHU presents ‘Risky Business’, a month on from his Kito and Jeremih collaboration ‘Follow’. ‘Risky Business’ brings a progressive beat that is both deep and uplifting. The dark and deep tones of the production are something familiar to ZHU fans but the overall structure presents something fresh.

At once ominous and mesmerizing, the track unfolds by turns languid and propulsive but always with an underlying tension. ZHU’s hushed vocals lure the listener to “risk it all” and enter into the dark, enticing world of the unknown.

The official video appears to be a piece of jumpy surveillance footage from an experiment known as Project 20201. The camera captures the provocative activities of a series of unknown subjects who frequent a bedroom. ZHU directed the official video alongside Joey Vitalari. Kristin Schaefer produced.




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