ZHU Joins Forces with Enthusiast Gaming and MrFreshAsian for Virtual Concert and Release of “ONLY” Ft. Tinashe

We are in a new era of entertainment and digital connectivity. Streamers and Esports have taken center-stage as new ecosystems of engagement and development. We’ve seen professional sports teams create their own Esports teams and we’ve seen streamers replace old video content to garner billions of views globally. With the on-going pandemic, it’s no surprise that artists and brands are teaming up to unveil new creative ventures in the digital realm. One such artist joining in on the fun is ZHU who recently announced a content partnership with Enthusiast Gaming and its Esports arm, Luminosity, which will kick-off on May 14 with a virtual concert that will include Twitch Streamer of the Year, MrFreshAsian, and the new ZHU single, “ONLY”.

ZHU has always been on the cutting-edge of electronic music, ever since his mysterious release of “Faded”. Since then, he’s released several EPs, two albums, and garnered a GRAMMY-nomination. He even released one of the coolest Cercle sets, which has over 2 Million views at the time of writing. It makes sense that he becomes one of the first artists to ink a creative content partnership with a major gaming company.

Enthusiast Gaming boasts the largest gaming network in the United States. They also have a global reach of over 200 million gamers on a monthly basis. A part of Enthusiast is their Esports arm, Luminosity Gaming, which consists of seven professional Esports teams and the Twitch Streamer of the Year, MrFreshAsian. Fresh is one of the most visible and successful Esports influencers and is a key member of Luminosity’s network. His 8 million follower base is a testament to his ability and influence.

Now Enthusiast Gaming turns to music to continue building its brand ecosystem and be at the forefront of media innovation. Its creative partnership with ZHU begins May 14th with a global live concert across the Enthusiast Gaming platform. Additional support comes from Twitch and GFUEL, with the former hosting the live stream on their front page.

The three hours of festivities begin at 9 PM EST with a pre-concert show hosted by Luminosity’s Fortnite House. It will lead to the main event, DJ performances by Fresh and ZHU, which will run to Midnight EST. At the conclusion of the DJ sets, the world premiere of ZHU’s “ONLY” featuring Tinashe will take place. Throughout the night, fans will be able to interact with the artists by leaving comments and participating in a live Q&A. Fans will also have the ability to donate or purchase exclusive merchandise with all proceeds benefiting MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

To watch the event, follow the link here or go to the Luminosity Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/LGLOYAL. To Pre-save “ONLY” follow the link here or keep your eyes peeled to ZHU’s social media and streaming platforms for the live link.





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