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Getter Updates Fans Regarding Cancelled Tour and Social Media Absence
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Having faced backlash from ‘fans‘ for his music and shows - Getter unfortunately cancelled his Visceral tour with 7 more dates left. He had attendees booing at a show because they didn’t like his set as well as messaging him via social media after the show to express their disappointment. After this unnecessarily situation, Getter has updated fans and assured things are better for him.

Getter’s statement reads that he will remain off social media (something a lot of artists should look into) and leave the duties to his management. After leaving social media, “shit instantly got better“. He also doesn't regret the decision to cancel the tour and stands by it.

We're thankful Getter is in a better state and hope he remains that way. We are welcoming new music and eagerly awaiting his return to shows when he is ready.

You can his full statement below

Track-list of Avicii's Album 'Tim' Has Been Revealed

Avicii’s post-humous album ‘TIM’ is due for release June 6th in support of his newly formed charity the Tim Bergling Foundation. We were first graced with the Aloe Blacc featuring “S.O.S” and just today “Tough Love” with Agnes and Vargos & Lagola. Now the full albums track-list has surfaced via a post on reddit.

The album is set to include collaborations such as the highly anticipated “Heaven” with Coldplay front man Chris Martin. Vargos & Lagola, and British songwriter Joe Janiak feature on a number of songs. Meanwhile Imagine Dragons land on a previously unreleased version of “Heart Upon My Sleeve”, ARIZONA on “Hold The Line” and Martin Svensson features on “Never Leave Me Alone”. There is also one remaining ID feature on a track titled “Freak”.

The tracklist leaves out songs such as “Faster Than Light”, “Stay With You” and “Forever Yours” which have much demand but only those closest to him in his final months will know what vision he had for this project and it will none the less be an amazing body of work to hear.


Arty Files Suit Against Marshmello and Bastille Over 'Happier'

Marshmello’s ‘Happier’ is turning to anything but happy at the moment for the global star. From a world-wide hit into a nightmare collaboration, with the two artists already in a public feud over the choice of collaborating with Chris Brown on recent single “Light It Up”. Now to make matters worse, it’s been revealed there might be a new reason for them to be at odds.

Russian producer Arty is alleging their hit song took elements from his official remix of One Republic’s “I Lived”. He’s brought the case to the federal court in California and the suit names defendants and co-writers, Daniel Campbell Smith of Bastille, and Steve Mac.

Arty has appointed Nashville copyright attorney Richard Busch to argue his claim. While he may not ring a bell, he has won a number of landmark cases in recent years such as "Blurred Lines." infringement of Marvin Gaye’s Estate by Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke.

Currently on Spotify, "Happier" has more than 700 million streams with the total number already in the billions given other platforms and YouTube.

These cases are incredibly complex and as it is only on the remixed elements of the song rather than the underlying copyright the arguments being brought forward will be an interesting to see, its one case that we’ll be paying attention to as it develops.

USA Today reported his lawyer Busch saying "Everything we have to say is set out in detail in the complaint, including the compelling musical transcriptions comparing the two works," among which it says it was “will-fully copying” the remix “note for note.”

Marshmello is yet to respond to the claims.

Listen to the songs below and let us know your thoughts.

Martin Garrix To Release “Summer Days” With Macklemore & Fall Out Boy

Over the weekend a series of co-ordinated tweets went live from Martin Garrix, Fall Out Boy and Macklemore. Fans were quick to notice the similarity “I Got This Feeling On A Summer Day”, and sure enough shortly thereafter it was confirmed that these three were officially dropping new music.

The release has so far been teased with only a 10 second teaser, and a date of this Thursday has been confirmed. It comes following the recent Garrix single ‘Mistaken’ with Alex Aris, and is somewhat of a surprise collaboration with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, but one that given the immense musical ability involved is no doubt going to have us playing all summer long.

UPDATE: It’s here, listen below or read our full review and watch the lyric video here

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Has Malaa Been Arrested During Set in San Diego?
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DJ and producer, Malaa who’s identity is currently unknown to the public has reportedly had been arrested during his set at BASSMNT in San Diego on Saturday night.

From the footage uploaded to twitter, the "Notorious" producer was seen to be cuffed and escorted out of the venue by officers while still playing to a full club. The occurrence happened only a few minutes after his scheduled set time.

Many fans on social media were quick to comment that it could be a publicity stunt citing the fact his mask was kept on during the arrest which would be rather convenient. Meanwhile others have speculated it could be local PD because he was either smoking inside or had kept playing past the venues curfew. Some more extreme suggestions implied it was ICE due to his visa, but we think that would be unlikely given he’s scheduled to play Ultra next week and while this has happened in India in the past it’s rare in the US.

So given the lack of real reason the stunt theory has the biggest weight, however if he’s charged with an offence his details would become public record shortly after, ending one of the best kept alias in dance music in an iconic way.

In the end as some social media users point out that one of the “officers” appears in an arrest prank by David Dobrik. So if it is a stunt, we wonder what Malaa has in store ahead of his Ultra set next week, perhaps a creative and on brand way to announce an Album.

Video credit: @toristuht

2019 Sees 'The Beamish Boys' Become 'The Beamish Brothers'
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The Australian duo formally known as “The Beamish Boys” have rebranded to “The Beamish Brothers” and with the name change comes a new maturation in sound, along with a departure from the electronic dance world. 

 In an exclusive with CULTR, the duo reveal that they have been refining their musical style over the last several months and that the new “Beamish Brothers” are this year choosing to rely less heavily on the electronic production central to their old alias.

Rising out of their garage in Toowoomba, the two siblings have quickly made a name for themselves as a major industry force, amassing well over 4 million Spotify streams in 2018 alone and winning the prestigious “Young Musician Award” at the National Folk Festival, as well as signing their music with affiliate labels of SONY, Universal and Warner Music Group.

With a new single released in collaboration with Italian artist Mark Mendy set for February 15th, the guys tell us that a tour is also in the works, although it has yet to be officially announced.  

We can expect big things in the future from the up and coming duo, as The Beamish Brothers newfound identity will bring a year packed with purpose-filled songs and exciting new projects, all quickly approaching!

LEAKED: Multiple Unreleased Martin Garrix Tracks Were Just Posted
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A user under the name ‘Themanhimself‘ has posted four unreleased Martin Garrix tracks onto The tracks included his long awaited collaboration with Ed Sheeran, as well as his David Guetta collaboration. This leak is both a shock as well as a relief to fans, they’ve been craving ‘Rewind Repeat It‘ for years now. The question is, how did these tracks end up online? Apparently they were sold for $1100. The LEAKTHIS user has said he will release Martin’s collaboration with Hardwell ‘Music Box‘ in less than seven hours from when this article goes live. The two other tracks included in the original post are ‘Legend‘ as well as ‘Gravity‘ together with frequent Rudimental collaborator Ella Eyre. The track ‘Legend‘ seems to be an unfinished version of ‘We Are Legend’, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Steve Aoki’s collab. With Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s previous allegations of ghost productions and this appearing as a Martin Garrix leak; it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out Garrix actually produced this one.

This is not the first big leak this year as Avicii’s ‘Heaven‘ was leaked also.

Leaked Tracks:
Martin Garrix & Ed Sheeran - Rewind Repeat It
Martin Garrix & David Guetta - Blue Flames
Martin Garrix & Ella (Rudimental) - Gravity
Martin Garrix - Legend
Martin Garrix & Hardwell - Music Box (TBC)

*We are not hosting and/or sharing links to these tracks, if you’re desperate for them - look and you’ll find*

Flume and Gorillaz Collaboration Confirmed

Big news for Flume and Gorillaz fans alike: we may soon see one or more collaborations between the two acts released.  The news quickly spread after a Twitter user with the username “@Electric_Hawk” posted clips from a Beats 1 Zane Lowe interview with Damon Albarn, Gorillaz Frontman.  In the video Albarn can be heard stating in no uncertain terms, “I’ve been working with Flume.”  

The interview clip sent fans into a frenzy, quickly racking up over a thousand retweets.  At the end of 2018, Flume turned to his over one million Instagram followers to announce that after taking the year off, fans should expect new music to be released in 2019.  Unlike Flume, Gorillaz had quite an active 2018, releasing their critically acclaimed new album “The Now Now’.  

Perhaps we’ll see this highly anticipated new collaboration in Flume’s rumored 2019 album.  All eyes will be on him this year if he does end up releasing the follow-up album to the Grammy award-winning “Skin”.  

In the coming months, fans should keep their eyes out for the release of this track, sure to impress listeners.

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Otto Knows Returns to Music
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After almost 7 months off from music overall as well as social media, Swedish artist Otto Knows is signalling that he is coming back with some new music. Having played his last set at Tomorrowland 2018 he went silent, deleting everything on his Instagram.

His reasons for taking a break are unknown but we can assume the tragic and very public loss of his close friend Avicii some months earlier played some part. His official note states that he is “having fun making music again”. While everyone deals with such loss in their own way having shared a long and also creative bond it can make it infinitely harder to move on and also find enjoyment in creating the very passion you shared with that person.

We’re unsure when we can expect new music exactly, however with Otto Knows’ discography we know it’ll be quality and we're excited to see whats in store. Reddit user minineko commented about a potential new track: “Song is called "One In A Million". Kinda down-tempo (101bpm) but it's real groovy.” This title would be fitting considering his biggest track ‘Million Voices‘.

The note states the following

“Hi followers
It’s been a while crocodile
New music is coming your way
I have no idea where this journey will take us
All I know is that it started on a boat with me having fun making music again!

Peace & respect

Update: Otto Knows has shared a video about his boat studio

What So Not To Play House Partys Across Australia During Laneway

Over the past few years Sydney’s backwards lock out laws have led to many of the city’s most famous nightclub hotspots shutting their doors, one of the recent victims last December was the iconic World Bar which was been a launching pad for some of the greatest talents.

So in response, What So Not - who frequented the Sydney venue regularly for surprise sets to test his new music decided to put the word out to his fans and find some local house parties to rinse some fresh new music. The video which can be seen below captures the Skrillex collaborator hitting 7 house parties in his home city. Among the madness he even attempts to DJ on an old pair of CDJ 400’s and a couple of iPhones, the concept took off with hundreds of invited flooding in.

Now he’s announced during his Laneway tour, he’s going to take the concept on the road around the country for an unofficial after party series at each stop. With any possibility open, if you think you can throw a house party worthy of What So Not gracing your decks for you and all your friends head over to Facebook here and drop your proposal.

7 House Parties, 1 Night (The Perfect Storm)

CALLING ALL GOOD TIME ENTHUSIASTS Last month (Disgruntled by lockouts & venue closes) I went around My home town & played 7 house parties in one night. Now, as promised we are now taking things interstate I'm looking to crash a birthday, house party, rooftop, backyard shed (show me what you got Aus) as a very unofficial laneway after party on each stop of the tour. Simply comment the resume for your party below inc. city, suburb, equipment specs, hype (and have your mates like the post so I know you’re legit).

Posted by What So Not on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

LEAKED: Avicii's Unreleased Collab with Chris Martin Is Published Online
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Following the heartbreak passing of Avicii, the track ‘Heaven’ always stood out. Featuring Coldplay’s Chris Martin, ‘Heaven‘ had been played out by different artists for months. There was evidence that new avicii music was coming out and this new HQ version of ‘Heaven‘ seems to support that.

It’s unconfirmed whether or not this is the final version of the track but by listening to it you can tell its very close.

There are supposedly more unreleased Avicii material to be leaked also, take this with a grain of salt - unconfirmed source.


The track is being taken down all over the internet so if this link is dead, that’s why.

Paul van Dyk Awarded $12 Million in Damages for Near-Fatal Concert Fall
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Two years after tragically falling off the stage as ASOT 750, Paul van Dyk has been awarded a $12,588,643.45 judgment for medical bills and past and future lost profits. ALDA Events B.V. paid the damages as they were the events company behind ASOT 750.

In the order, it stated that ALDA did not design the stage to be safe to stand on. They even admitted the front area was not safe but gave no warning to the DJ prior to his show. They allegedly never told him it was unsafe or verbally warned him, despite knowing he had a rowdy set.

Due to the incident, Paul van Dyk suffered serious damage to his spine along with a severe brain injury. He stated; "The fact that I’m still alive is a miracle".

Swedish House Mafia Sign With New Management
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After going their seperate ways with former manager Amy Thomson a few months ago, Swedish House Mafia have enlisted veteran music manager Ron Lafitte to shepherd what is shaping up to be a major comeback in 2019. Lafitte recently began representing the trio in an official capacity. Ron Lafitte’s Patriot Management roster includes Pharrell Williams, Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic, Soundgarden and Backstreet Boys, they also manage DVBBS as their only other dance music act.

The Swedish House Mafia boys have been quoted in saying that “lots of new music is coming“, W&W also said that Swedish House Mafia told them to look out for a lot of music. What ever the case may be - 2019 is going to be a massive year for Swedish House Mafia.

Drake's Soundcloud Record Smashed by BTS Frontman, Kpop star Jimin.
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It probably wouldn’t have surprised you if last week we told you that the biggest debut on Soundcloud ever was Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’. With the news and social media hype coverage surrounding the infamous diss track surround the Kanye West, Pusha T drama in the middle of last year it collected 4 million streams in its first 24 hours. This week however Kpop supergroup frontman Jimin has unsettled the Canadian' rapper with a solo debut ‘Promise’ that hit over 8 milllion in the same time.

The song was made available as a free download December 30 only on Soundcloud, much to the annoyance of many of his fans who want to be able to add it to their playlists on streaming services. The chilled out Korean-English release signals an imminent plan for the frontman to branch out beyond just BTS, but it was released on the bands account so we expect it to be in addition.

The result is quite shocking when you also see In comparison Drake’s Duppy Freestyle in 7 months now has over 17 milllion plays meanwhile Jimin’s collected over 22 million in 10 days. We can no doubt expect to see the international star power of Kpop and the growth in major label artists and electronic producers from western pop lining up to try tap into the super following on Jimin and BTS in 2019. Steve Aoki currently is the only artist to have tapped into their star power through their collaboration ‘Waste it On Me’.

Blasterjaxx Announce Details On New Album ‘Perspective’

With a quiet end to 2018, something had to be brewing at the Blasterjaxx HQ. Turns out its an album titled; ‘Perspective‘. They began producing for the album two years ago, by renting a totally different studio with “just a guitar, small studio setup, singer and a songwriter“. This album sounds like a different direction that what we’ve come to expect from Blasterjaxx. Known for their big room dance releases, Blasterjaxx may do a 180 and release a more commercial album.

We’ve heard potential album tracks, such at their collaboration with Example. If this track is anything to go by, their album is shaping up to be a highlight this year. The noted that ‘Perspective‘ would be releases in Q2 of 2019, let’s hope we get it in April.

Read their full statement via Instagram below.

Revaux Drops Bassy Remix Of Peppermint Heaven's track: "So Unreal"

Indie-Pop duo Peppermint Heaven have had a meteoric year, amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify, The prolific U.S Duo have roped in the help of some of the UK's finest underground, electronic talent on remix duties.

After the runaway success of the early 2018 hit “Colours”, it’s no surprise they’ve been featured as one of UKF’s official ‘Ones To Watch’. The two brothers have a unique style akin to Calyx & Teebee, Spor or even Noisia. The remix of Peppermint Heaven's “So Unreal” is vintage Revaux. Taking a track and turning it into an unrecognisable monster, you have to admire the pairs consistency. Bag this one for your weekend set. 

Jay Robison Delivers Once Again With 'Clubwerk'

If you are out to scout new talent heading in to 2019, look no further then Jay Robinson. With tracks such as ‘The Return’, ‘Greasy, ‘The Ripper’ under his belt, here’s a new one to finish off the year strong. Released through Night Bass, ‘Clubwerk’ is definitely a bass breaker! With catchy vocals, tight drums and his signature bass sound, its definitely a track that’ll keep you moving on the dance floor.

Robinson has also been making an impressive impact live, recently just finishing his UK tour supporting for Deadmau5 at iconic venues such as Ministry of Sound, Printworks, and Warehouse Project. Having also being previously supported from dance legends such as Armand Van Helden, Afrojack, Oliver Heldens and Tchami, we are definitely excited to see what Jay Robinson brings to 2019. ‘Clubwerk’ is out now on Night Bass, check it out in the link below.

Element Drops New Cinematic Trap Single: “Pushing Everyone Away”

Brooklyn based producer; Element, is bring a fresh, cinematic trap flavour in his latest single  “Pushing Everyone Away” - a firestorm of visceral energy. Throughout the track, magnificent sound design builds and develops as luscious cinematic design is emphasised heavily in the drop. 

Unafraid to embrace experimentalism, it flows through moments of tranquil production into a dance-evoking drop and thus beholds a technical complexity at its core. 

Through evolving dynamics, an undulating rhythmic flow and an overall majestic timbre, this track will stir something strong within you.

Tru Concept Delivers Once Again with Lo Lo Remix

Tru Concept has gone and done it, he’s remixed Lo Lo’s second ever single and made it even better! The original was incredible for such a fresh artist. Tru Concept turns the original into a dance floor friendly house record, good for the main room as well as a beach party. Tru Concept is on top of his game at the moment, after some impressive releases on Selected and Source - he’s continuing to put out music at a consistent pace and high quality.

This track is sitting at under 10k streams, a number that will only rise, rise significantly. Lo Lo and Tru Concept both have done incredibly well with their music so far and they’ll only grow in the future; let’s hope there could be a potential collaboration on the cards!

Mozado Drops Jazzy, R&B Infused Hip-Hop Track: “Hellacopters”

Boston-based beatmaker turned vocalist; Mozado is bringing jazzy, R&B infused vibes our way, with his latest single “Hellacopters”. Brimming with positive energy, the track emanates laid-back afternoon vibes perfect for chilling-out, yet is still uniquely danceable, carried by edgy Hip-Hop drums that establish a strong groove.

Featuring smooth vocals that move with a carefree lyrical flow, “Hellacopters" serves as a statement of intent for Mozado’s new direction as a vocalist as well as an audio engineer and producer.

“Hellacopters is my first step into performing on my own productions. It is the energy of being a young independent artist with no limits and being from a city that, I believe, is in the perfect position to create its own musical identity.” - Mozado

Listeners may expect to find themselves immersed amongst syncopated synth movements and jazzy progressions, no doubt inspired by Mozados formal education at the Mary Pappert School of Music and his experience as a Jazz player for over 12 years.

With his debut EP set to drop at the turn of the year, Mozado is set to build his profile as a solo artist, ready to make waves within the Boston music scene and share his story-telling abilities with the masses.