Top Tracks By 1001 Tracklists

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From Techno, to Trap and Trance and everything in between. This playlist is a constantly evolving but a reliable source of the best electronic music. If you want to stay up to date with all the current club favourites, latest electronic weapons regardless of genre, look no further.

This weekly updated list is based on the tracks played in DJ sets from leading DJ’s around the globe, from live shows, radio broadcasts, podcasts and festival main-stages they fact check this information better than anywhere else on the internet (sorry reddit).

It’s all brought to us by the friendly team at 1001 Tracklists and their dedicated users who keep it up to date. They have access to a lot of information on who’s trending, so if that interests you make sure to check out their recently released State of Dance Music 2018 Report which identifies the top trending songs, artists, mixes, from 2018.