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2018 Year Mix by Mr. Suicide Sheep
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Mr Suicide Sheep’s known for discovering the more unique elements of cinematic electronic and indie, all with a consistent chill touch that will open your mind. Sheepy’s curation precision has racked up a dedicated and significant following with more than 10 Million subscribers on YouTube and almost 300,000 followers on his primary Spotify playlists.

They have also found success through the label Seeking Blue which is introducing a wide variety of creative and inspired releases. So when they put out a year mix playlist for 2018 on YouTube, we were pleased to find a playlists with all songs that were available on Spotify and learn more about the hidden gems uncovered. It features the likes of San Holo, Kasbo, OTR, Duskus, Glades, Elephante, Two Lanes and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

As an added bonus picked up in the comments of the full mix on YouTube, the awesome cartoon artwork that came with the YouTube Background and Artwork were created by Angel Ganev, a painter who had been following the channel as a fan since 2012. Go give him a follow here: Angel Ganev

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Creamy by Spotify
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There’s a reason this playlists is called what it is, and if playlists were a food this one is no doubt titled correctly. Just like some creamy ice cream this one is filled with tasty flavourful goodness that everyone can enjoy. The soundscapes of chill Indie electronic beats and delicate warming vocals make this one perfect for discovering some of the best chill songs in the Spotify eco-system.

Tracks within this playlist are the best finds from a mix of established hit makers like Wethan, Oh Wonder, Devault, Illenium, Digital Farm Animals through to newcomers that have risen to the public eye in more recent times such as CRAY, Medasin and YUMI.

Roadtrip by Majestic Casual

Majestic Casual started with a channel on YouTube before it was a trend, and the expert curation by founder Nick has seen it grow into a global brand across label and events, with over 1.5 Billion streams to date and contributed to the foundations of household names such as Two Feet, Disclosure, Tourist and Tom Misch.

Majestic’s eclectic tastes impose no limit but off discoveries that as they say are “beyond the commercial and algorithm driven mainstream”, their Roadtrip playlist is a tastefully combined collection of gems that will soundtrack your lazy mornings, sunny days and of course Road trips.

Opening with chill electronica 'Before I Move Off’ from Mount Kimbie which was originally released in 2010, the playlist goes on to include the likes of RAC, Cubfeet, Empire Of The Sun, Caribou, Giraffage and Chain Gang of 1975 with a diverse selection of electronic and live bands that make for a perfect Sunday listening.