Deorro Taps Elvis Crespo & iamChino For ‘Napoleona,’ The 4th Single Off Upcoming Album

DEORRO has collaborated with well-noted talents to make the mouth-watering, “Napoleona.” The single marks the 4th of which he’s released so far in 2021, showcasing a more latin-dance embracement more so now than ever. The releases are leading to one epic album currently known as, ORRO. Tracks have energy to say the least, a fitting disposition as things are revving up to complete normalization when it comes to festivals/club events coming back full-force.

This isn’t the first time Deorro and Elvis Crespo collaborated, “Bailar,” back in 2016 reached 8x Platinum status, with even Pitbull jumping on the track in a later edited release. The Pitbull version of the electronic single went on to win “Tropical Song of the Year,” via the Latin Billboard Awards, alongside hundreds of millions of plays.

Achieving world-wide recognition is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Deorro has held his status for damn-near a decade now as his catalog of music speaks for itself all while snapshoting his stand-out twists on unique dance music trends through the years. “Me Seinto Bien,” “Si Tu No Estas Aqui,” and “Ponte Pa’ Mi,” have been unveiled so far from this waterfall campaign that’s got the anticipation building around this album. With each having obvious Spanish names attached to them, Deorro is on the ball with something globally embracing.




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