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Where It Started: Valentino Khan

Your passion and love for music can start at any age. That's something that hangs in curiosity for many fans. What did...

Album 101: ford. Breaks Down “The Color Of Nothing” Track by Track

Simply put, ford. is personal. His music strikes you deeply and effectively. At 20 years of age, the young up and coming...

The Kid LAROI Is Spotify’s Next RADAR Artist

Australian born, US based 17 year old rapper The Kid LAROI is the new face for Spotifys RADAR series. The program will...

Mat Zo’s ‘Stratosfest’ Minecraft Event Is Happening This Weekend

Set to take place on the 23rd and 24th of October, Mat Zo's event brand Mad Zoo will bring Stratosfest to Minecraft....


Remix Radar 064: Featuring MGMT, BRONSON Remixed, and SIDEPIECE

Welcome back to Remix Radar! Today is the 64th edition of your favorite on-going feature. I am quite sick and have been...


Interview with Global Multi-Tasker BLOND:ISH: Abracadabra Fest, Tony Robbins and Plotting a Festival in Mexico

How does one stay productive, positive and performing throughout a pandemic?  There isn’t a For Dummies ‘how-to’ available quite...


How To Search Spotify By Label, Year, Artist + More

Unfortunately there is not a lot of love for record labels when it comes to Spotify. Unless there is a profile in...

VIZE Allegedly Fraudulently Release Track Using Acclaimed Songwriter Gia Koka’s Work

VIZE and Gia Koka had connected in early 2020 to work on a track, the latter joined forces with a few of...

Spotify Integrates Virtual Event Listings

With virtual events becoming the norm throughout the better part of 2020, Spotify have now integrated them into their platform. The listings...


Spotify Unveil Radio Killer With New Audio Format Combining Music And Podcasts Through Anchor

We all know everyone loves both a great playlist and a highly engaging commentary, now Spotify is bringing them together in one...