Facebook Sees 100% Increase In Calls & Videos Amid Lockdown, Introduces Desktop Messenger To Take On Zoom & Houseparty

Since the outbreak of COVID19, the social media platform Facebook has reported it has seen a 100% increase in the use of it’s calling features, yet people under lockdown have still scrambled to find ways to hang out with friends in groups. The likes of Houseparty and Zoom quickly became top choices thanks to their group video calling capabilities and have seen a huge increase in users.

Historically Facebook Messenger has only been available officially via its website or mobile app and was limited to group messaging, voice calls and 2-way video calls. Now they have stepped up their capabilities to keep people on the platform and away from its new competition with the new Messenger for desktop. It includes the same functions on a bigger screen as well as unlimited, free group video calls and native notifications to the desktop.

In recent times Facebook has seen waves of users opt-out amid a series of scandals, however, this has undoubtedly reversed in light of current events as people seek to connect with friends and family online. With the introduction of Messenger for Desktop, given users don’t have to create new accounts and they can connect with everyone they are already friends with, Facebook has a huge advantage over their newer competition.

Over the years dozens of dodgy 3rd party applications have tried to bring messenger to desktops, now the new official app which rolled out in select countries last month is now is available worldwide on both MacOS and Windows.

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