Viral Sensation Lost Frequencies Emotional Deep House Single ‘Rise’ Hits The Spot

After releasing a massive 11-track remix album for “Don’t Leave Me Now,” fans are left wondering when new original content will come next. The wait is over with “Rise,” bringing the soul of classic house and giving it a dignified modern spin. An enchanting classic house atmosphere quickly sweeps the air when, “Rise,” play’s out it’s sonic sedation. An incredibly soulful vocal verse soon takes the space, delivering a message of triumph over hardship. The chorus reiterating a poppy topline, “I’ll Rise,” as the entirety of the song and message is of much a more gripping nature than what one may usually stumble upon.

“Rise” hits like a club-track, but carries emotional elements that adds a sad-song spice to it. The blend here is a strong point, listener’s more prone to make this a go-to for a variety of life experiences and moments within.

An infectious nature surrounds the work, as much of Lost Frequencies music does. “Rise” may also signal that an album is soon to come later in the year.





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