Lovelytheband Showcase Official Video For ‘sail away’

Lovelytheband, the American indie-pop band who first formed in 2016, are proud to present the official video for their new single ‘sail away’. Best known for their hit single ‘Broken’ which charted on several US Billboard charts, Lovelytheband have since gone from strength to strength thanks to their irrepressible line-up of vocalist Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price. Their new single showcases the band at their very best, highlighting upbeat pop melodies and catchy hooks from the fast-rising trio who continue to amass widespread plaudits on account of their kooky style and sound.

The video itself features the trio in matching uniforms, as they don blue boiler suits and red beanie hats, verging between reality and a dreamy aquatic landscape. Having aired their last album ‘Conversations With Myself About You’ in 2020, Lovelytheband are now starting this exciting new chapter in their career. You can catch the dawn of this era by visiting the group’s official website, and watching our premiere of the video for ‘sail away‘ below:




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