Martin Garrix Sent To Hospital After Injury

Last night Martin Garrix was performing at Omnia in Las Vegas for his residency when he unfortunately encountered a mid show mishap, reportedly injuring his ankle jumping off stage. Having not realised how bad it was, he tried to continue his set, but the injury was just too painful and may have gotten worse without attention. In the end he had to cut his performance short in order to go to the hospital via ambulance. See below for pictures of the ankle and a video of him jumping on stage with one foot!

As noted by his Instagram story pictured below, it obviously looks quite swollen and we’re surprised he was able to get back up there with such energy given it looks like it was in real need of medical attention.

The cause of his injury is believed to be from jumping off the stag, like he does often in sets and while many have said he’s broken it we aren’t sure of the severity at this stage. Stay tuned for more updates as they come in and we hope he’s feeling better soon!

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