Moksi Debuts on Martin Garrix’s Imprint, STMPD RCRDS

Pulling double duty with house and pop music, Moski has finally landed at the label which equally values both. In what seems like the perfect pairing of vision, STMPD, Moksi, and Haj have released the perfect example of ‘Club meets Pop.’

For this record, the artists went to the effort of recordings real pianos and violins to make sure their melodies came through as close to what they had in mind as possible. The result is simply outstanding with a level of heart and soul that you don’t find often these days. 

For fans worrying if this is further indication that Moksi is moving away from their status as one of the torch-bearers for the bass house scene, they need not worry as the group released a statement along with this release on their Facebook page that states, “While they will keep on delivering their famous bass house sound, the world can expect more of their versatility in 2020.” Which probably means they will go back and forth between their various genres, similar to how STMPD operates. 

It’s truly an interesting thing to witness artists and labels navigating the new sphere in which music operates and perhaps this team has stumbled upon a winning formula. Decide for yourself after hearing “Fade Away” using the links below. 




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