Phuture Noize Releases Captivating New Album ‘Silver Bullet’

After the success of the Deluxe Edition of Black Mirror Society and his edit of the 2019 Defqon Anthem ‘One Tribe’, Phuture Noize (Marco Spronk) announced a brief hiatus towards the end of last year to work on his second studio album, Silver Bullet. Now the time has come for fans to indulge in the 11 massive hardstyle records.

Premiered during a live event where fans could see comments for each production from Marco himself, Silver Bullet dishes up another 11-track album of raw emotion and invigorating energy that has become typical of his productions. Blending orchestral and band elements with his hardstyle sound to deliver a truly unique, high quality LP that is sure to satisfy fans after his break.

The initiating track ‘Genesis’ provides an eerie, heavy hitting introduction to an album that isn’t just an album, it’s a piece of musical storytelling. The headlining track ‘Silver Bullet’, which was premiered at Defqon 1 At Home during June; fuses drum-breaks, harmonious vocal backing and uplifting melodies to deliver a unique, multi layered production. The rest of the album follows suit, delivering a wide variety of production elements that provides a truly captivating musical experience. Phuture Noize worked with many different vocalists for this album, wanting to make sure each track contained it’s own sense of individualism.




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