London-based producer Skit drops melodic, dreamy EP

Music to listen to right before bed is a particularly hard decision for me. It can’t be something too aggressive, but it has to be something more than just ambient, nature- soundscapes. Up-and-coming artist Skit’s newest 3-track ‘West London Empath’ EP makes my decision much easier, with lo-fi melodic trap sound design that is particularly apt for such in occasion (although it’s suited for any time and place when a grandiose feel is preferred).

The titular, lead single presents a cinematic intro the the EP, with an eerie atmosphere building up in the course of the first minute. Amid rough, yet entertaining FXs, a dark trap beat enters before a seductive melody transforms the mix. It’s explored over multiple octaves and leads, making sure each section of the song is as engrossing as the last. The outro slows things down before we move to the second song on the EP, Crepuscular.

Retaining the same ambient to heavy arrangement with a few vocal chops adding a refreshing charm to the EP, Crepuscular sticks to the same formula as its predecessor, with its own catchy refrains and melodies. Deserving particular mention in this tune is the deft drum processing, clear through the enchanting layering of loops, heavy kicks and punchy snares.

The last tune is a collaboration with Klimeks titled Yugen. The slowest tune of the lot, static noise pervades the entire mix for an organic feel, while a minimalist production approach allows the most distinct elements stand out. The second climax sees some chaotic rhythms spicing up the song, before the EP closes on a despondent note.

All in all, this EP represents a journey through an other-worldly, ethereal setting, complete with riveting melodies and precise, dexterous production, making the West London Empath EP a must-listen.

Budding producer Skit has a bright future ahead, as he turns his eyes towards production to complement his sound design background. Follow him on Soundcloud for his latest tunes.




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