Adventure Club & Sara Diamond Collab on New Summer Single ‘Back To You’

Anticipating their upcoming second album release (on Ultra Music), Canadian electronic pioneer duo Adventure Club put out single Back To You, featuring the songstress Sara Diamond. This track is available now on all musical streaming platforms, as well will be featured as the second song on their upcoming album.

Back To You seeps in with heavenly synths, echoing Diamond’s R&B vocals that flow effortlessly through each verse. A kick drum beat introduces the heavy buildup, chopping and screwing the vocals for an intense, Adventure Club-signature bass drop with lots of analog bass contrasting with the high frequency, space-y melodies for a tune that provide a way to encapsulate the listener with a wall of sound. The pairing of this grimy baseline and Sara Diamond’s and lyrics of running back to an addictive lover provides an emotional story, as well as an environment to travel to when you close your eyes.

This track highlights Adventure Club’s power to create path-forming, unorthodox song structures that take ideas of dubstep and run with it to create sounds that easily can be published as summer anthems for their fans all across the world. Following recent releases like the streaming-successful Rebellious, and another collaboration with Sara Diamond on “Firestorm”, the release of Back To You gives us all an idea of how heavy-hitting and impactful their upcoming album release will have on the dance music community, taking us back to their earlier sounds and combining them with new-world production to give us a nostalgic feel, yearning for more.

Ranging from their first release Do I See Color in 2012 that gained them commercial success, to their widely renowned remix of Yuna’s Lullabies that appeared on countless dance playlists and spots at music festivals, to this year’s releases anticipating their future works, it’s a no-brainer Adventure Club is here to stay and make moves in the future of dance music.




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