Alan Walker Donates $100K To MrBeast’s Team Trees Campaign

MrBeast and Mark Rober launched a campaign recently to raise $20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees, $1 for each tree. Together with the Arbor Day Foundation they aim to raise the funds before 2020.

Alan Walker was generous enough to donate $100,001 to the campaign, taking the #1 spot from MrBeast who contributed $100,000 – he has since overtaken Alan Walker with his second donation being $100,002.

This story has been across YouTube this past week, with hundreds of YouTubers being involved and assisting with the fund raising. Considering Alan Walker had his track go viral on YouTube and majorly assisting his raise to where he is now – it is no shocking to see his contribute to a YouTube campaign. What is suprising is the sum, $101,000 saw him overtake some of the biggest YouTubers in the game.

The fund raiser shows that the YouTube community and it’s millions of subscribers care for Earth and want to save it. At the time of writing this, almost $5,500,000 has been accumulated – definitely on track to hit it’s target.

This campaign is an incredible thing, climate change is real and 20 million trees, whilst not fixing the situation, will have a positive dent in the environment. Alan Walker has done an amazing feat here with his donation and he should be proud! Hopefully we see the figure reach 20 million and even surpass it!




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