AREA21 Drop Latest Single ‘Lovin’ Every Minute’

AREA21’s ‘Lovin’ Every Minute’ has arrived. With Martin Garrix playing at shows almost four years ago, this track certainly has been in the works for some time, and to the joy of fans, it’s finally out.

Maybe thought it could be Justin Bieber on vocals, as Garrix has been seen in the studio with him in the past. It certainly sounds similar, however diving into the credits – it does seem like Maejor is responsible for the vocals, which is a testament to his versatility.

The new single is the most commercial to date from the duo. The strong, radio friendly vocal works perfectly with the catchy drop melody and strings from Martin and co-producer Osrin.

Interestingly, ‘Lovin’ Every Minute’ is the first AREA21 single to publicly feature/tag both Martin Garrix and Maejor. This is likely just to ensure it appears on their various artist profiles to increase visibility.

The video details M & M’s journey so far – from their accidental crash in the Nevada desert, being chased by the ominous Lady T to partying in Vegas and floating through the Louvre in Paris.  There’s even a hint at what’s to come.





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