black a.m Unveils Bositerous debut, “I Am”

Over the years we’ve seen quite a few musicians make a switch to become global-touring DJs. We had Sonny become Skrillex. We had Cash Cash and Breathe Caroline transform themselves. Plus, we’ve seen countless artists switch genres, provide their own remixes, and provide special DJ sets (looking at you, St. Vincent). Now, a new artist is poised to join the ranks of those above and make the switch. His name is black a.m..

black a.m. has been steadily creeping up the imaginary hype list of the dance world. While he hasn’t released much to date, he has been on tour with NGHTMRE, on the aforementioned’s A Portal Tour. Before that, he was the guitarist for the world-famous Machine Gun Kelly. Now, black a.m. is officially here with his debut original release of “I Am”.

Built on the backbone of house stylings, “I Am” brings the heat to listeners and clubs alike. Black AM blends together elements of acid house, progressive house, and classic house with blues-rock flavoring to truly create a captivating sound that isn’t quite like anything. The sound builds, bubbles and roars with boisterous effects that encapsulate listeners in its wake. The brooding energy and low rumbling, yet puncturing bass propel listeners to the end where they’re left wanting more black a.m..

It’s safe to say “I Am” is an excellent debut original and sets the scene for black a.m. to continue his accession. With an upcoming EP and a remix of NGHTMRE, the horizon is bright for the new dance act.

To stream “I Am” follow the link here or scroll down.

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