Crankdat Interview: “FEARWORLD” EP, Halloween + More

October 25th marks the release of theFearworldEP from Crankdat. Hitting two tracks in length, the Ohio based producer just keeps getting better with each new project. Investing in his brand once more, the ‘Fearworld’ concept comes in total fathom with Crankdat’s love for the Halloween season. Moving a step forward from his ‘Gearworld’ concept, the producers plan to take the dance music community by storm are only just beginning. This project is exciting and is just a glimpse of what to expect from him.

We had the privilege to chat with the DJ/Producer for an in-depth conversation about the EP, what lies ahead, and much more.

Congrats on the release of FEARWORLD! How does it feel to have it out in the world?

“Thank you!  It’s great but also nerve-wracking.  I always get nervous when putting out new music, hopefully, people like it.”

Was Halloween an inspiration of sorts for FEARWORLD?

“100% Fearworld was not only Halloween inspired but Halloween driven.  I’ve always wanted to do a Halloween themed release, be it a song or an EP, and this year I was fortunate enough to remember in time to get all the pieces together.”

What are your plans for the holiday? Any costume ideas?

“Halloween itself I have no plans haha.  Probably just hang out with my girlfriend and watch scary movies.  The 27th I’m playing Frightnight in Baltimore and I get to rinse a ton of new stuff I’ve saved up, so that should be a lot of fun.  Maybe a costume too, we’ll see.”

First GEARWORLD, then FEARWORLD… what WORLD do you foresee next?

“Probably no more worlds for a while hahaha, I’ll stick with these two.  Fearworld was supposed to just be a play on Gearworld, but who knows, maybe I’ll change my title from DJ/producer to world creator.  Jokes aside though I’m gonna put out a lot of singles for a while, maybe a few smaller projects here or there, but ultimately I’d like to continue to grow and develop the Gearworld concept with all of this.”

What is your favorite part about making music? 

“I really like when I get the bass to hit SUPER hard.  Aside from that, I love laying chords and creating soundscapes.”

Any parting words of wisdom with those reading this?

“Let’s get f*cking cranked”