Egzod Turns Back Time With New Single “The Way Out”

Egzod is a genre and instrument combining artist and technician who has had a significant influence on the dance music market since his debut in 2017. He has recently gained enormous momentum with four new tunes. The French producer has established a reputation as one of the best melodic bass producers working in dance music today thanks to his consistent career progression and successful songs like “Royalty” and “Lone Wolf.”

“I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration in Hardwave in the past year as it is very cinematic but also combines both of my favorite influences: the melodic content from Trance and the heaviness of Trap. Bertie Scott sent over some toplines and “The Way Out” fitted perfectly on a track I was working on, both lyrically and melodically. ‘The Way Out’ is inspired by the feeling of something slipping away. A relationship you’re trying to hold on to, but there’s nothing you can do as it’s falling out of your grasp. You want to talk about it, try and fix what you can and pull it back, but sometimes that can be the hardest thing to do and there’s never the right time before it’s too late.” – Egzod

“The Way Out”, a joyful EDM song by Egzod, takes listeners on a precise but cinematic musical trip as it explores the feelings of “something slipping away.” The tune rushes to energizing drops and throbbing instrumentals while engrossing listeners with deep hitting bass, starry synthesizers, and strong vocals from the brilliant Bertie Scott. “The Way Out,” a generally energetic and enjoyable song, gives dance music and Egzod listeners alike a variety of listening experiences.




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