Game Time with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Mortal Kombat, Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers + More

Apart from being a household name when it comes to dance music, Dutch brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have many other endeavours, notably their own e-sports team.

Focusing on content creation, CS:GO and Fortnite, Smash Esports are well integrated within the gaming community, especially having only been established in late 2019.

Celebrating their upcoming performance at Tomorrowland’s New Years Eve Digital Party – Dimitri Vegas joins us for our Game Time feature, delving into the past and future of his gaming life and pursuits.

What’s your favourite game soundtrack? 

Argh, we’ve been blessed with so many amazing games and soundtracks over the years that it’s so hard to single out just one. I could go for anything from Streets of Rage, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Silent Hill, Red Dead Redemption, Street Fighter or even Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s endless. But one game that has always stuck with me and the soundtrack was such a big part of that experience is Wipeout on PlayStation. It was so ahead of its time!

Which is your all-time favourite console, either current or from the past? 

Well, the early Nintendo was special, but for me, the first-ever PlayStation was the one that blew me away. It was so revolutionary for its time, it was crazy! I loved everything about it from the look, the controllers and the games. Since then, I’ve had every console PlayStation has ever made and still have them at my house.

Do you follow any pro-gamers, and which esports teams do you follow? 

We actually launched our own esports team back Sept 2019, then earlier this year we announced the creation of our Smash Universe agency.  Which focuses on content creators, gamers and lifestyle influencers. We’re connecting the music and gaming into one universe to give the talent on our roster freedom of expression and creativity.

What music do you listen to while gaming? 

My music taste is pretty varied so really depends on the mood I’m in, where I am etc. Because of touring, I don’t have a lot of time so I’m only a casual gamer. I do try and play whilst on the road, which means I’m mostly listening to dance music. But at home, it can be anything from rock to soul to hip hop.

What was the first video game you remember playing? Which device/console?

Wow, I think it was Duck hunt or Mario on the NES, Nintendo’s first console.

What are your top 3 games ever and why?

  1. Spider-Man (any and all)
  2. Mortal Kombat
  3. Mario Kart

Console or PC? If console, which one?

Console!! I used to play on PC but consoles have been my go-to since forever. I have a PC for gaming, but I love the compactness a console offers, plus I’m able to travel with it more freely. Anyone who follows our page has probably seen us battling on a console when on the road. When I get the time, it is one of my absolute favourite ways to unwind whilst touring.

What do you think the biggest future gaming advancement will be?

We’re already seeing it develop at a rapid pace now but virtual reality is yet to reach its full potential. I feel we’re only at the front door of this huge universe when we’re talking about VR. It’s going to be so immersive that it will feel and seem like we’re in a new dimension. I’m really excited at the prospect of where not just gaming, but sporting events, films, live shows, even daily life, can go with the future of VR!

What upcoming game release are you most excited for? 

I’m super excited for Mortal Kombat 11 coming on the PS5! I’ve had a chance to work with the MK team and see what they’re working on and can say it’s going to be insane! Once that drops, I’ll be locking myself in the entertainment room at the back of the house and will definitely be unavailable until I’ve completed it.

Which game soundtrack would you want to have your music in?

I did the voiceover for Peter Parker in the Belgian version of the animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse which was my boyhood dream come true. So to score the music for a Spider-Man game would be my gamerhood dream come true!

What are you playing at the moment?

Right now, I’m playing Marvel’s Avengers. Like all of us, I’ve had a lot of time at home these past few months so when I’m not working on music or spending time with my wife, I’ve had a chance to catch up on a lot of gaming titles I’ve wanted to play.

What game do you think you’re best at overall?

I like the action role playing brawler type games but also some racing games if I’m competing with buddies.

If you had to live in the world of the last game you played, what world would it be?

Mortal Kombat!

Do you watch any gaming streamers/youtubers?

I follow all the talent on our Smash esports roster such as Rojo, Professor Akali, Ketchup, Mustard etc. Go check them out and support! #eatsleepSMASHrepeat

And one final question, what are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

We’re going out with a bang and closing the year with Tomorrowland the digital edition show. This magical celebration is going to be so special. It’s very impressive what the whole Tomorrowland team, with all the artists, have created. There are 4 stages for this New Year’s Eve show, each packed with amazing talent. People could really use a party and what better date than New Year’s Eve. We can’t wait for the fans to experience the show!

Experience Dimitri Vegas & like Mike, along with many other headlines for Tomorrowland’s New Years Eve celebration.

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